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Victoria Babicheva


Since childhood, I have always wanted to do everything at once. I wanted to be both an astronaut and a ballerina, to be able to play on everything that plays and to learn thousands of different interesting things ... But I became an artist ... And as it turned out, nothing changes over time. There were so many opportunities for creativity that it is simply impossible to dwell on any one area. This is probably why this site contains all kinds of hand made, that is, everything that you can do with your own hands. I wanted to create a cozy place on the network, where there would be a place for handicraft ideas that make life more interesting and brighter.


The site is conceived not just as a gallery with works, for example, in the "In stock" section there are jewelry and gifts that you can buy for yourself or for your friends, but you can bring your idea to life. If you have questions, feedback or interesting creative ideas - you can write me a letter or leave your impressions in the guestbook. Guests are always welcome here! So, welcome!

Ludmila Babicheva

decoupage master

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