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20181108_Food Sketching

Yes yes yes) Again about sweets. Autumn theme - making jam for the winter. This time we will cook, that is, draw strawberry jam. Photos of the stages are not many, but also attached. Such sketches will then become cute postcards. And as an idea, you can give your friends a jar of jam, along with warm wishes.




Strawberry jam

20181029_Food Sketching

All love to eat!) And many people also like to take pictures of food. And the illustrators did not pass this hobby. The fashion for food photography, of course, got to the sketch. And such sketches of food, products, recipes are quite in demand. 




Maple Apple Cider


One of my big improvements is sketching with markers. Now this is quite a popular direction, and there are reasons for this. The name "Sketch" (eng. Sketch) implies the creation of a quick drawing, sketching, sketch.





Daffodils in a blue jug


A new blog is like moving to a new apartment ... It’s not that the old one was bad, it’s just that it wasn’t a blog at all, but rather a storeroom, where things that didn't fit the site were sent. And with the latest update, finally, the opportunity to combine everything into one resource appeared.


In the photo - a piece of autumn last year. It was sunny day).